About the Library

Pelham Park Middle School Library Media Center

Our media center is home to over 9,000 physical items:
books, magazines, audiobooks, and more! 

The PPMS library is open from 7:15-3:00pm daily.

Libraries are for everyone!

The PPMS Library serves ALL of our students.

A school library provides a wide variety of resources and materials, both in print and online, to serve our diverse student population.

Not every book is right for every student.

Parents/guardians can play an active role and be a part of their child’s reading experience!

Ask your student what they are reading and discuss what they are learning.

Feel free to ask Ms. Wallace or check reviews
(Goodreads, Amazon, or Common Sense Media)
if you need specific information about a book.

PPMS Library Guidelines
Library Mission & Vision Statements

PPMS Library Catalog (Destiny)
PCS Library Media Policy & Procedures


Amazon Wishlist


Pelham City School's Digital Library (OverDrive)


OverDrive provides Pelham City Schools' students access to a wide
range of ebooks and audio books that can be used on any device!
Students access Overdrive using their student ID number.


Alabama Virtual Library


Free online encyclopedias and databases provided by the state of Alabama.


Can't find a book in Destiny? Check Pelham Public Library!